Saturday, November 29, 2008

RelayHealth offers direct connection with Kaiser Mid Atlantic

Starting November 19th 2008 RelayHealth is offering a direct connection to bill electornic claims and Remittance to Kaiser mid Atlantic for Professional (CMS-1500) and Institutional (UB-04) claims.

This is an exciting new direct connction for medical offices that use RelayHealth/McKesson as their clearinghouse.

The CPIDs included in this new connection are:
CPID 2819 Kaiser Mid Atlantic / Professional (CMS-1500)
CPID 7506 Kaiser Mid Atlantic /Institutional (UB-04)

You will not need to complete EDI Agreements (YEAH) for these direct connections either just enter the CPID# in the correct place for your PM vendor or Clearinghouse and transmit immediately.

The following payor reports will be available:
Unsolicited 277U
RelayHealth Standardized Payor reports for the above payors) will be available as soon as possible after November 20, 2008.

The following payor edits will be required by Kaiser Mid Atlantic:
Edit 01 version 0098 ? IN LOOP 2010BA, NM109 CAN NOT BE MORE THAN 10 CHARACTERS.
Edit HU version 0019 - IN LOOP 2010AA, NM108 MUST BE SENT AND MUST BE EQUAL TO 'XX'
Edit HU version 0022 - IN LOOP 2310B(PROF)/2310C(INST), NM108 MUST BE SENT AND MUST BE EQUAL TO 'XX'

If you have questions on EDI Reports please check out these earlier Blogs:
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Or to read more about Medicare updates including Health Billing Insurance Information check out Medicare Medical Coding and Billing Courses

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