Friday, January 16, 2009

Medicaid of Illinois is requiring doctors to register NPI numbers

Medicaid of Illinois Health Insurance currently requires providers to report a one digit payee code in the Billing or Pay-To-Provider Loops. This one digit payee code designates the appropriate Pay-To-Provider.

Illinois Medicaid is now requiring medical providers to register their NPI numbers associated with their designated Payee ID's. They will soon be transferring their software to accept the NPI number in lieu of the 1 digit payee code.

If you are a medical provider and bill to Medicaid of Illinois Health Insurance you should immediately register your NPI number for each designated payee number. You can register the NPI number at either website:

After the NPI information is registered with the HFS, the Payee NPI can be reported in the 837 (electronic medical claims) and DDE transactions. Also, after the NPI number has been registered you can start billing your medical claims using the NPI number and the 1 digit Payee ID will no longer be required.

The deadline for registering and using the NPI number is March 1, 2009. Any claims submitted electronically not using the NPI number will be rejected.

Register now to prepare for these changes by March 1, 2009.

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Oregon Medicaid MMIS Updates on Claim and ERA issues

Oregon Medicaid Health Insurance was recently converted to a new MMIS system and the bugs have already started to reveal themselves. Oregon Medicaid Health Insurance has identified issues with the Electronic Remittance Advice and some claim processing issues.

Some medical offices and hospitals are experiencing problems with inconsistent denial codes, medical claims dropping out of the system, missing electronic remittance advice and problems with weekly electronic funds transfers.

The transition to the new MMIS system happened in Mid-December. If this is happening to you please be aware that Medicaid is aware of most problems and are working to resolve these issues. If you feel your issue is new please contact Medicaid and notify them of the problem.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Will United States of America ever get Universal Health Care?

Universal Health Care is how the government likes to describe a Socialist environment where all Americans would get FREE Health care including illegal aliens. (Oh I forgot Illegal Aliens already get free health care).

The media loves the concept of Free Health Care and anytime a democrat talks about free health care they rave and talk it up in hopes to gain favor amongst the Americans. However States have tried this on several attempts and not one has ever worked (TennCare (bankrupted hospitals, doctor practices and the state of Tennessee, Hillary Clintons Single-Payer plan (pilot was TennCare), Hawaii Universal Health Care for all children lasted 7 months due to unsufficient funds, San Francisco Medicare for All program was voted down even by democrats because they knew it would bankrupt the City). It's mainly the democrats who attempt to push this jargon on the Amercians with the dream of getting free health insurance. What they don't tell you is that since the government would own the doctors they would also own the right of who got to see them.

Of course something else the democrats don't tell you is that the government can't actually afford to pay the doctors equal or more of what they are currently earning so the middle tier and BEST doctors will leave their practice and do something else.

I found this hilarious You Tube video about what the world would look like if America were to socialize the medical industry. All I can say is thank goodness for Google.

If the video didn't make it clear to you try thinking back to your days at Public High School. How many teachers did you feel were actually qualified to cross-teach you. And of those teachers how many did you actually like listening to. Now think about this with doctors. How many doctors on Government Pay Scales do you think will be good at their jobs?

Let me know what you think about Socializing Health Care or I mean Universal Health Care. As a medical biller how do you think this would affect your job? Do you think you would even have a job as a biller if the government ran the medical industry?

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