Monday, January 29, 2007

Telehealth: doctors diagnosing patients over the web?

Recently, one of the doctors I billed for "Dr. Bob," asked me if he could bill for Telehealth Services - fancy term for a doctor to diagnose patients via a web cam.

"Dr. Bob" is a psychiatrist who works in a hospital, nursing home and main office setting. He loves using the latest techy gadets (more of a bragging contest with the other doctors), and he saw the Telehealth program as being the new technological "Big Thing" he could boast about.

After further review we identified that we were needed to find a Rural Facility to partner with (visit We could then begin scheduling and treating patients via videoconferencing software.

For more information for your provider visit Medicare's Website:
Steps to view Medicares Telehealth documentation
1. Click on
2. Click on Regulations and Guidance
3. Click on Manuals
4. Click on Internet Only Manuals (IOM's)
5. Scroll down under Publication and click on #100-04
6. Click on Chapter 12 Physician/Practitioner BIlling
7. Use Microsofts short cut key to find (Ctrl + F) 190.1 (click Find Next 2x's to get to page 158)

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