Saturday, November 29, 2008

Move away from handwriting EDI Agreements

More and more insurance carriers are getting away from handwriting and requiring EDI agreements for clearinghouses get completed electronically. Either type writing them (does anyone own a typewriter any more???) or by electronically completing the forms.

RelayHealth offers a online Collaboration Compass to complete EDI Agreements electronically. For medical offices that use clearinghouses it's wise to use the Clearinghouses software to complete all EDI agreements for electronic claims and electronic remittance advice to prevent any kick outs from insurance carriers.

The following list of insurance carriers are requiring electronic completion of forms and will no longer accept handwriting (except where the providers signature is required)

CPID 1455 Alaska Medicare
CPID 1456 Arizona Medicare
CPID 1459 Oregon Medicare
CPID 1462 Washington Medicare
CPID 1469 Iowa Medicaid
CPID 1523 North Dakota Medicare
CPID 1527 Utah Medicare
CPID 2411 North Dakota Blue Shield
CPID 2453 North Dakota Medicare
CPID 2454 South Dakota Medicare
CPID 2458 Utah Medicare
CPID 2466 Wyoming Medicare
CPID 2571 Iowa Medicaid
CPID 3521 Minnesota Medicare
CPID 3583 Wyoming Medicare
CPID 3584 Wyoming Blue Cross
CPID 5515 Oregon Medicare
CPID 5521 Washington/Alaska Medicare
CPID 5546 Arizona Medicare
CPID 5581 Idaho Medicare
CPID 5589 South Dakota Medicare
CPID 7400 Montana Medicare
CPID 7489 Wyoming Blue Shield

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