Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Priority Health of Michigan adding a new EDI Report

Priority Health of Michigan has added a new EDI report to their list. RelayHealth has programmed this report to be routed through it's clearinghouse system for existing users. If you bill Priority Health of Michigan and use RelayHealth as your clearinghouse you will see the new 277U report.

277U report Claim Status Response (is claim on file, was claim paid, why is claim pending)

This should help your medical billing and collections to identify the status of claims you submitted electronically through RelayHealth. This new report will be usable on October 31, 2008.

Additional Medical Billing and Codingquestions are answered here: Online Medical Coding and Billing Courses. You will also be able to get articles on EDI Reports, what they are, how to read them and the different types of reports including the 277 report.

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