Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New updates to billing claims to Wisconsin Medicaid for November 10 2008

Things keep constantly changing and if you miss it for a moment you may see your money stop immediately. This new update comes from Wisconsin Medicaid. If you are billing through RelayHealth (McKesson) it's CPID# 1476 and 5510.

As of November 10, 2008 Wisconsin Medicaid CPID# 1476 and 5510 will require NPI. ForwardHealth Interchange, Wisconsin Medicaid will require the NPI to be sent on claims. Providers will also need to send their Taxonomy code for both Billing Provider and Rendering Provider and also include their 9 numeric zip code.

Electronic Claim Submission:
As of November 10, 2008 if you send claims with the legacy Medicaid provider number it will be DENIED or rejected by Wisconsin Medicaid.
**Non-healthcare providers i.e, personal care only provider, specialized medical vehicle providers, community care organizations and blood banks will continue to use their 8-digit Medicaid Provider number.

Paper Claims:
All paper claims must be printed on the new CMS-1500 form or the UB-04 form or will be denied

Please be ready to send your NPI number for Wisconsin Medicaid and use the most current CMS-1500 forms.

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