Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Consolidated DME MAC CPID#'s for RelayHealth updates

Please be aware of CPID#'s that have been deleted from McKesson/RelayHealth Clearinghouse in regards to DME MAC Jurisdiction A, B, C and D.

Correction: CPIDs 4229 - 4232 have been removed as they do not apply.

RelayHealth has received notification of changes to the reports received from the following CPIDs:
7475 Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction A
7476 Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction B
7477 Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction C
7478 Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction D

Effective mid-November 2008 Medicare will be consolidating the reports they return from the DME MAC Jurisdictions. The rejections performed and returned on the Gen response report will be updated to handle edits currently being performed on the DME MAC Level II Report. The DME MAC Level II report will no longer be generated and returned to clients.

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