Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SAMBA payor ID# 37259 will be consolidated under Cigna 62308 for RelayHealth

If you use RelayHealth as your clearinghouse and bill SAMBA Payor ID#37259 CPID# 6502 you can immediately begin billing the SAMBA claims under CPID#4509.

CPID#4509 is Cigna Health Plans Payor ID 62308

The following changes will affect you:

  • RelayHealth will temporarily convert CPID# 6502 SAMBA to CPID# 4509 Cigna Health plans until December 3 2008
  • All claims for CPID# 6502 SAMBA can be submitted using CPID# 4509 immediately
  • The last date that CPID# 6502 will be accepted at RelayHealth is December 3 2008
  • Effective December 4 2008 all claims for CPID 6502 SAMBA must be submitted to RelayHealth using CPID 4509 Cigna Health Plans.

Please understand that if you do not update your CPID# by December 3rd for SAMBA your claims will begin getting denied by McKesson/RelayHealth on December 4th.

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