Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Make over $500 for Part Time work from Home

Would you be interested in learning ways to make extra money working from home? If you are looking for additional monthly income that to either one day retire early, or just pay down some bills you may have stumbled across the most exciting idea ever. You can make automated monthly residual income from the comforts of your home without any boss. You will be your own boss!

With very little start up cash (under $750.00) and some time you can begin netting over $300 a month in residual income. Our steps are the same ones we take to make automated monthly residual. Our business now manages over 12 websites and what I am about to teach you we learned almost 2 years ago.

This is a highly effective method to make money online from home. With a bit of research you will find it's the lifeline to how people are making money online. Because it's such a low cost setup more and more people can afford this and the great thing is their is plenty of money for all. Companies need/want you to advertise for them and you want to make your website profitable. It's a win-win situation for all parties.

1. Purchase a 2 year contract for
Professional Web Hosting $6.95 per month
2. Purchase Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and training manual
3. Purchase cheap, pre-created website template

4. Use Dreamweaver software (step 2) to upload your website including webpages to the hosting software (step 1)

5. Sign up with Affiliate Advertisement companies like LinkShare Corporation

6. Create about 2-3 PR articles and submit to Press Release companies monthly to Drive More Traffic To Your Site

Dreamweaver software and training manual costs about $425. This is the bulk of your costs and to keep your website prices low it's best you master Dreamweaver. You will spend about $170.00 for your domain name (website name like and hosting software for a 2 year contract. Pre-created website Templates can range between $45 - $75 (Dreamweaver allows you to add your text, logos and Affiliate Ads to these templates). Essentially you just started a business for under $750.00. If you decide to create additional websites you can roll out the next one for under $225.00.

If each website you own makes $300.00 - $500.00 a month with just a little work you can make roughly $3600 - $6000.00 for each website per year. It cost you only $750.00 initially to start this business and you can have your initial costs paid for within 3 months. Over the next two years you will clear $6300 worth of profits (remember hosting company is a 2 year contract). If you want to make more monthly income create more webpages (adds depth to your website), or additional websites with different subject matter.
Right now at this very minute you can proceed with steps 1-3 by purchasing the hosting software to secure your website domain name, order the Dreamweaver software and buy the website template. The hosting software offers online training tutorials that you can begin watching immediately and the template can also be downloaded immediately. They also offer support and training materials on HTML code and web pages.
While you are waiting for your Dreamweaver to come in the mail sit down and prepare your text you want to add to your webpages. Think about the type of traffic (people) you watn to visit your website and what would they be interested in reading about?
Once the Dreamweaver software and training manual arrive in the mail you can begin programming your website template. If you have questions refer back to your Dreamweaver training manual and check things out on the Internet. As most people before you will have had the same questions and the results can be found in most Adobe forums.
Once the website is uploaded to the hosting software you are ready to register with affiliate programs like commission junction, Link Share or Amazon. At this point I would highly recommend you start with Amazon first because you will find that they have easy to create online store websites that you can just drop the code into your website and see the products appear on your website.

Once you have the website created (and that is the hardest part) you need to drive traffic to your website. The best known way is through press releases as discussed in step 6. Write about 350 words (called a article) and discuss your product or service. Include links to your website a few times within the article and add them to Press release companies that can be found online. If they like the Press Release they will advertise it on the Internet and this Drive More Traffic To Your Site.

Take some time to study Backward Links, Page Rank, and using key words so people can find you using words that can search for your website.

Each month you will receive direct deposit from your affiliate companies that you have registered with. The more traffic you direct to them the more money you make.

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