Thursday, October 9, 2008

Make money in your spare time while working from Home

Are you in between jobs, looking for a job or a housewife just looking to make extra money each month? This is a great way to make "AUTOMATED" monthly income.

This is a online internet program to teach you how to make monthly residual income. It's easy to learn, takes some time initially (all of which can be done around your schedule) and fun to do. When you get your first check you will be hooked and will want to make more each month. Let's show you the steps you can take to get started - TODAY!

I really don't think I need to tell you the beauty of this program. It's work from home, it's around your lifestyle, you can make as much or as little as you want. So let's get into the facts of what it means to make money from home. As soon as you get your affiliate ads (discussed below) added to your website you can start monitoring reports that will show you how many people are visiting your site. This matters because the more people that visit your website the more likely it is someone will click on one of your advertisements. Here are my stats for last month: I am currently averaging about 20 page impressions until somebody clicks on one of my links. Each click earns me an average of $X.XX (normally ranges between $.01 - $4.25 a click). If I drive 25,000 unique page impressions to my website(s) I can earn $X,XXX.XX monthly. This program is simple math = drive more traffic to your website, increase your clicks and make more money. (PS I can't tell you how much I make per click because my contract with affiliate ad companies prohibit this and you will be in the same type of contract once you sign up)

This means in 3 months of learning these steps; if you began clearing $250 a month and decided you wanted to make $500 a month you can double your steps to increase your monthly revenue by either increasing traffic flow to your website or creating additional websites. This is how some people figure out how to make $4000, $5000, $6000 and upwards of $100,000 a month.

This is a low start up program and I am not trying to sell you anything. I am showing step by step exactly what I have done to do this. These are the same companies that I use for my websites and these free tips are to help you get started immediately.

Your initial setup costs about $750 to purchase the Dreamweaver software, pre-created website template and web hosting software but considering you just started a business for under $750 with no overhead for the next 2 years; this is a great deal.

If you just pluck away at this you will find that it’s easy to make $300 a month so over the next 24 months that would equal $7200. However if you put a bit more energy and effort into it you can make over $300 a month netting you bigger profits. Remember this is part time work in the comfort of your own home and no boss to tell you what to do. Teenagers do exceptionally well with this kind of work and since you can make money working at it Part Time this is great money for them.

1. Purchase a 2 year contract for
Professional Web Hosting $6.95 per month
2. Purchase
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and training manual
3. Purchase cheap, pre-created website template

4. Use Dreamweaver software to upload your website to the Professional Web Hosting software
5. Sign up with Affiliate Advertisement companies like LinkShare Corporation
6. Submit 2-3 Press Releases a month to drive people to your website

Right now you can complete steps 1 - 3 today to move forward. Select a Domain Name (this is the name of the website like Try and create a domain name that has your product key words in it. Example: if you are going to sell credit card offers make that part of the website domain name We don’t recommend using _ - or ‘ in the domain name.

Do follow up research on Backward Links, Page Rank, Press Release, and Affiliate Advertisement programs? The higher the PR (page rank) the higher your website gets indexed so people can find you faster. Backward links are companies that have your website on their website and it is connecting the two increasing your Page Rank. 2 PR articles submitted through Press Release companies about your website, or product will help increase your traffic and Page Rank. Affiliate Advertisement companies like Commission Junction,
LinkShare Corporation, Google, and Amazon will give you products to sell on your website without the headaches of taking support phone calls or dealing with the actual sell of the product.

Affiliate advertisers find companies like Credit Card companies who wants to advertise their services on websites. They sign a contract with these Affiliate companies saying they will pay on a per click or per sell price range. Affiliates put these offers on their website and you can choose which companies you want to promote on your website. Your job is to add these banners to your website and drive traffic to actually click on this logo, banner or text. Some are a Cost Per Click (CPC) program while others will only pay you commissions if your traffic buys a product from them.

Every 30 days you, if you have made commissions you will receive a check. Start today adding cash to your checking account. If you get stuck and need help submit a comment with your contact information. I will not release the comment but will follow up with you by email. If you just want to comment or add to this please submit away and I will release it be read by all.

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