Monday, October 13, 2008

Chiropractors can you bill CPT 98940 to Medicare using Electronic Claims?

On Monday October 13th 2008 Medicare sent out a notice to Chiropractors about the Alert of how to bill Procedure Code 98940. They identified that someone was incorrectly notifying Chiropractors that procedure code 98940 was not allowed to be submitted electronically. Medicare wants you to know this is incorrect information and to disregard Immediately.

YES, you can bill Procedure Codes 98940, 98941, and 98942 electronically to Medicare Part B. You could do this in the past, now and in the future - don't delay send your claims today.

98940 - Chiropractic Manipulation Treatment (CMT); spinal, one to two regions
98941 - Spinal, three to four regions
98942 - spinal, five regions

I am assuming someone or some group released a publication stating that Medicare does not pay for these CPT codes. They do pay for these medical procedure codes but only if you know how to bill using these CPT codes.

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*Another note: Some people don't know this but their Practice Management Software may actually NOT be submitted the Modifiers. Check with the PM software if Medicare is saying the modifiers are not coming through and ask them (billing software vendor) if Chiropractors need to perform any special "extras" in order to get the claim to go electronically with all of the LOOPS filled out correctly..

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