Monday, October 6, 2008

Doctor Promotional Giveaways to increase patient business

Doctors are always looking for new ways to promote their business to people in the area. Recently I was in the office of a orthodontist. He offered "business" shirts with catchy sayings to all new patients that came to his office.

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Another office offered magnets with their office logo, name, phone number, email and fax information.

Another office sends out creative cards 2x's a year just to say Thank You! It reminds patients that they have a friend with the doctor.

One office gave out Car Door Magnets. It had catchy phrases on it like "My doctor is cuter than your doctor" or Dr. XYZ is the best doctor in SLC, UT.

One office has created window decals that they put on their own windows, doors and hand out to patients that want to add them to their car windows.

One office gives a calendar for the whole year to each patient. Each month it has a picture of the office group etc.

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