Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voluntary Refunds to Medicare and how to process in your medical office

As a biller you will come across times where Medicare overpaid and this can happen because of many different scenarios like:

  • Overpaid on a Claim
  • Patient wasn't treated but claim was submitted resulting in a need to refund
  • Claim was billed under wrong provider
  • Claim was double paid

If you ever find that you have received an overpayment from Medicare per your contract with medicare you are required to refund the overpayment ASAP. Voluntary refund checks payable to the Medicare program cannot be returned, regardless of the amount of the refund. If you need to refund Medicare, please verify you are sending the correct amount.

** WPS disclaimer: The acceptance of a voluntary refund in no way affects or limits the rights of the Federal Government or any of its agencies or agents to pursue any appropriate criminal, civil, or administrative remedies arising from or relating to these or any other claims.

To read more about Medicare updates including Health Billing Insurance Information check out Medicare Medical Coding and Billing Courses

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