Saturday, November 15, 2008

CPID# 3206 Healthcomp Inc will not be rerouted on Nov 19th 2008

Update: CPID 3206 Healthcomp Inc. will not be rerouting on November 19, 2008.

Original Notification Sent on November 7, 2008:RelayHealth will change the electronic claims routing for the following payors as of November 19, 2008.

CPID(s) included in this routing change:
CPID 3276 AAG Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc. - Payor ID 75240
CPID 3869 American National Ins. Co. - Payor ID 74048
CPID 4269 Anchor Benefit Consulting - Payor ID 53085
CPID 3230 Automated Benefit Services - Payor ID 38259
CPID 2409 Benefit Source, Inc. - Payor ID 38257
CPID 1830 Brokerage Concepts - Payor ID 51037
CPID 3250 Butler Benefits - Payor ID 42150
CPID 3820 Community Health Alliance - Payor ID 35193
CPID 3268 Employer Plan Services - Payor ID 74212
CPID 3850 Formax, Inc. - Payor ID 87066
CPID 3206 Healthcomp Inc. - Payor ID 85729
CPID 8435 Kempton Group Administrators - Payor ID 73100
CPID 3271 MedCom - Payor ID 59231
CPID 3229 Midland Management/MFC - Payor ID 23550
CPID 5481 PPO Plus, LLC - Payor ID 72148
CPID 3467 Smith Administrator - Payor ID 02057
CPID 1758 UMWA Health - Payor ID 52180
CPID 2241 US Benefits - Payor ID 93092
CPID 3465 William C. Earhart - Payor ID 93050

RelayHealth has identified the following items to be aware of with this change:
Payor agreements are not required for electronic claims.
The following payor reports will be available:
Initial Response Report
RelayHealth Standardized Payor Reports

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