Friday, October 24, 2008

RelayHealth offers an additional Processing Time

The medical industry is about information and time. If you can get the information faster to your office the less time you spend working trying to identify claim issues. The quicker you find claim issues the sooner you can fix and rebill.

RelayHealth understands that time is valuable and because of this they are adding an additional processing time for reports. Currently they generate reports 3x's a day at 4:00 am, Noon and 4:00 pm CT.

They are adding a 4th reports processing time which will be set for 8:00 am CT. Starting November 1st 2008 you will get reports at 4:00 am, 8:00 am, Noon and 4:00 pm CT for the following McKesson/RelayHealth reports:

  1. Payor Batch Totals Report (SB)
  2. Payor Batch Totals Data File (SD)
  3. Payor Claim Data Report (SR)
  4. Payor Claim Rejections Report (SE)
  5. Payor Report Data File (SF)

If you have questions on the differences of the reports please see my earlier blog:

How to Read Clearinghouse Payor Claim Data Reports
Understanding Clearinghouse Medical Reports

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