Saturday, October 4, 2008

Medical Coding, 2009 ICD-9, 2009 CPT medical billing books

It's time to purchase the 2009 ICD-9, CPT and HCPCS AMA (American Medical Association) medical coding and billing books.

If you are a billing service or a medical practice you want to make sure you have the most up to date books for coding and billing purposes. Do not delay to familiarize yourself with all codes that are new, changed or deleted.

All purchase orders of $25 or over include free shipping. Also, you will find books at discounted prices making it affordable for all practices to purchase.

2009 Coding and Billing for Ophthalmology
2009 Coding Guide Ophthalmology
2009 Coding and Billing for Physical Therapy/Physical Medicine
2009 Coding Guide Anesthesia
2009 Coding and Billing for Radiology
2009 Coding and Billing for Oncology/Hematology
2009 Coding and Billing for Orthopaedics, Lower
2009 Coding Crosswalks for Laboratory/Pathology Services
ICD-9 CM Coding 2009 Edition
2009 Coding Guide Obstetrics/Gynecology
2009 Coding Guide Physical Medicine Services
Medical Insurance Coding 2009-2010
2009 Coding Crosswalks for Surgery Services
ICD-9 Coding Guidelines for Home Care
National Correct Coding Manual 2009: Comprehensive Guide to Medicare Ncci Unbundling Errors 15.0
Physicians Fee and Coding Guide 2009
2009 Coding and Billing for Cardiology/Vascular Surgery
2009 Coding and Billing for Behavioral Health
2009 Coding and Billing for ENT/Allergy/Pulmonology
and so much more...

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  1. I have to do chart reviews for a hospital in the oncology department and am trying to figure out which medical coding books would be the most efficient.

    Would it be better to use ICD9, CPT & HCPC books or a speciaity coding book for Oncology/Hematology?

  2. Hello,

    You will most likely be required to use all of the books you listed above (except HCPC is HCPCS - Healthcare Common Proceduer Coding System).

    I would also recommend relying on Medicare's website specific to Oncology/Hematology billing rules or any specialty coding books.

    Have fun!!