Friday, October 3, 2008

Iowa Blue Cross Blue Shield and South Dakota BCBS new claim submission updates

If you are billing any claims electronically through a clearinghouse or direct connection to Iowa Blue Cross Blue Shield and South Dakota Blue Cross Blue Shield please be aware they are requiring as of November 15, 2008 to submit National Provider Identifiers (NPI) only.

If you submit claims with the legacy number, Wellmark provider number, will be rejected and only accepted once the NPI only is submitted.

If you have never enrolled with Wellmark you must complete the EDI to submit claims using the NPI. To enroll with Wellmark visit and click on Providers > Enrollment > Iowa or South Dakota.

If you are using RelayHealth as your clearinghouse you will use CPID# 1404/1510 for Iowa BCBS and CPID# 2490 South Dakota BCBS.

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