Monday, September 8, 2008

Selling your Medical Billing Service?

If you are interested in selling your medical billing practice please let me know. I have several clients interested in purchasing existing Medical Billing Companies. One client in particular is interested in purchasing existing doctors on AdvancedMD practice management software.

Also, if you are a doctor currently on AdvancedMD Practice Management software and are interested in outsourcing your billing to a medical billing service that is knowledgeable on the AdvancedMD Practice Management software please contact me.

To Contact: Select the comments option and enter your information as to how you would like me to contact you. I will not "publish" this information but will use it to contact you. With Spamming issues it causes a lot of problems if I release my email address so I prefer to be contacted this way.

Questions on Electronic Medical Billing and Claims then click here medical claims electronic billing
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