Monday, September 8, 2008

In the Market to Sell your Medical Billing Business?

Are you in the market to sell your Medical Billing Business? I have several clients who are interested in purchasing existing Medical Billing Businesses. My clients have been running successful billing services for many years and currently have 80+ doctors each.

1 client is specifically looking for a Medical Billing Business that has medical providers on the AdvancedMD medical billing software. They are looking for a small to mid-size medical billing business that has hopefully run a successful billing structure. This client has been in the Medical Billing Industry for over 14 years and has over 90 providers. The Medical Billing is completed in the USA.

My other clients have no preference on what software the doctors or medical billing business are using at this time. They are mature medical billing companies and offer wonderful services to medical doctors.

If you are interested in being introduced to my clients please contact me with your information. I will keep it confidential and contact you or have the medical billing services contact you directly.

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