Thursday, September 25, 2008

Michigan Medicaid waiting list for CHAMPS to bill claims

Here is a interesting concept Michigan Medicaid (CPID#2480/3512) is asking that all clients who register EDI Agreements with CHAMPS Medicaid wait a full month from the date the application is approved to bill claims.

The issue is they have received so many requests the approvals are going through faster then they can handle the electronic software setup. If you begin submitting claims prior to this month you will only receive electronic claim rejections.

Any questions you may call Medicaid CHAMPS at 888-643-2408. PS - please be nice to them! Remember the people you are talking to are not the ones to blame for claim rejections. It's not their fault.

New Note: September 26th Update: Provider enrollment re-validation deadline has been changed to October 1st. For providers that have not re-validated by October 1st will be disenrolled. Please complete EDI Agreements immediately.

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