Thursday, September 4, 2008

Does McKesson accept claims using Emdeon's Payer ID number

I received this question from a client that I would like to share with others.
A medical office called a insurance carrier they were having problems submitting claims electronically too Care Improvement Plus health insurance carrier. They asked Care Improvement Plus what electronic payer ID number they need to use for claim submission through their Clearinghouse RelayHealth. The customer service representative explained that they use Emdeon and gave the client the Electronic Payer ID number for Emdeon.

The billing office emailed me asking if she can use the Emdeon Payer ID number instead of RelayHealth's number? I explained that her connection to submit claims electronically is through RelayHealth and not Emdeon and to identify if she can trasmit this claim electronically we would need to identify if RelayHealth offers a connection.

We visited RelayHealths website and viewed that they listed XL Health Care Improvement Plus CPID#3435. If she registers and logs in to this site she can also click on the CPID# and view the insurance carriers address, contact information and specifics on exclusion reports etc.

When a Clearinghouse can not offer a direct connection with the health insurance carrier they do the next best thing and contract with another Clearinghouse to forward the claims on electronically for them. In this case Care Improvement Plus has a direct connection with Emdeon.

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