Friday, August 1, 2008

Highmark Medicare Services Website

Medicare part A claims are being routed to Highmark Medicare Services for processing for District of Columbia (DC), Maryland Medicare and Pennsylvania Medicare. For clients that are using a clearinghouse it is recommended to verify you are using the correct submitter number for electronic claims transmission.

For additional information you can visit Highmark Medicare website for additional information:

for clients who use RelayHealth as your clearinghouse the Submitter #'s are

CPID 1522 District of Columbia (DC) Medicare new contractor number is 12201.
CPID 5554 Maryland Medicare new contractor number is 12301
CPID 5598 Pennsylvania Medicare new contractor number is 12501
**RelayHealth will be making the change to send the new Contractor ID/Payor ID to DC, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Providers do not need to make any changes to the Contractor ID/Payor ID

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