Friday, August 8, 2008

August 15, 2008 RelayHealth is enhancing software

I wanted to let medical billing offices who use RelayHealth know that on August 15th 2008 they will be rolling out a new release of their software. This release is for the back end and should not be noticed by front end users however; if your practice management software or the software you use to connect with RelayHealth didn't update their software you may have "glitches".

Starting in July RelayHealth has been notifying companies that interface with them about the new enhancements and have offered web-based guidelines along with many reminder notices about the update.

As of August 15th 2008 those clients who have not updated their software for these changes may have connectivity issues or in other words your claims will not be able to transmit to RelayHealth.

The benefits for this enhancement are:

  • Faster Connection
  • Mor Stability when transmitting files
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery
  • Future expansion capabilities
  • Decreased outages due to Internet Service Provider (ISP) issues
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Smoother transitions during future Web address changes

If you find you are having problems transmitting claims on or after August 15th call your software vendor immediately.

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