Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Web Based Training Videos a Must

In this day and age it's imperative that your medical staff know how to use Microsoft Word, Excel and based on your medical billing software and internal data possibly even Access.

Most medical offices purchase Microsoft however; they end up not even using it because of lack of knowledge of how to use it.

Microsoft is extremely important for Medical offices so that doctors can have -
Word Templates of SOAP notes
Word Templates of Medical Reports
Word Labels for mailers (patients addresses, birthday cards, appointment reminders, change of location, open houses)
Outlook to email doctors and possibly patients
Excel spreadsheets to create graphs, identify $$ trends etc

I seriously would die if I didn't have these tools handy for me! So, that being said you now need to look for alternative inexpensive solutions that works around your office time schedule. Look no further! Go to and get started for under $10.00 purchasing Microsoft Word Level 1. You can also purchase the full packages or just individual levels keeping it completley in your budget. As you get new staff or train your existing staff on Microsoft and watch as your employees being "creating" documents that work for your office flow.

You will not be disappointed in these training videos. They are trained by a professional who is not only a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist but he has been training for over 8 years. If you would like a more personalized web-based or onsite training just give him Kirt a call.

Do not wait - learning these tools can be extremely valuable for medical offices to improve their office work flow!

Another idea:
Let's say your office purcahses medical documents each month/year and you decide you would like to no longer purchase them but have them converted into Word and include your logo, address information etc. Contact and in the contact us page indicate the # of documents you have, time frame needed and Kirt or his staff will most likely be able to do this work for a fee.

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