Monday, March 24, 2008

Benefits of Using Relay Health for eClaims

I have been a client of Relay Health for over 3 years and I am exceptionally happy with their services and customer support. The phone calls are answered within 10-15 seconds of calling and the support tech can usually answer my question over the phone. If it can't be answered they log a case and the follow through is amazing. Some of the other benefits of using Relay Health is

1600+ electronic claim connections (Medicare, Medicaid, UHC, Cigna, Blue Cross/Blue Shied)
450+ electronic remittance connections
Payor specific edits performed at the clearinghouse
Collection Letters
Complete your eClaim and ERA agreements (for carriers that require this like Medicare/Medicaid) online through McKesson's registration tools. These tools actually scrub your agreement to verify it was completed correctly.

RelayHealth is a great company to work with so if you are looking for a new clearinghouse check them out.

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  1. We also use Relay Health. For claims coreection, scrubbing, and connecting to RelayHealth, we use McKesson's Claims Administrator. Relay Health has competetive products such as EPremis and ACS. Do you have experience with these?

  2. Hi Blake,

    I have not had the pleasure of using EPremis or ACS. As you may know RelayHealth has many software solutions including:

    EC2000™ Claims Administrator
    ePREMIS Medicare Direct Entry
    Charity Advisor
    Healthcare Transparency Assistant™
    Horizon Business Folder™
    Horizon Business Insight™
    Horizon Outreach
    Horizon Patient Folder™
    Horizon Performance Manager™
    Horizon Patient Kiosk™
    Horizon Practice Plus™
    HorizonWP® Patient Portal
    Horizon Passport
    Medicaid Advisor™
    Pathways Contract Management™
    Pathways Compliance Advisor™
    Pathways Healthcare Scheduling™
    Payment Advisor™
    Patient Compass™
    Real-Time Eligibility
    Series 2000™
    STAR™ Patient Location Tracker
    STAR 2000™

    Let me know if I can assist with anything else!