Saturday, October 6, 2007

Remittance Advice Remark Codes crosswalk

If your office is receiving Medicare electronic explanations of benefits (EOB's) you may need to identify the meanings to specific Remittance Advice Remark Codes.

Copy the website and paste it in your toolbar on a new webpage:

1. Down arrow and select Currently Valid Codes
2. Review the codes you are in need of a few samples are:

M1 - X-ray not taken within the past 12 months or near enough to the start of treatment.
M2 - Not paid separately when the patient is an inpatient.
M3 - Equipment is the same or similar to equipment already being used.
M4 - Alert: This is the last monthly installment payment for this durable medical equipment.Note: (Modified 4/1/07)
M5 - Monthly rental payments can continue until the earlier of the 15th month from the first rental month, or the month when the equipment is no longer needed.
M6 - Alert: You must furnish and service this item for as long as the patient continues to need it. We can pay for maintenance and/or servicing for every 6 month period after the end of the 15th paid rental month or the end of the warranty period.Note: (Modified 4/1/07)

These codes were valid as of last update on 8/1/07. Each quarter these codes are revised so please validate the most current valid codes through the above website.

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