Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Harrington Benefit Services of OK new claims processing center

the Medical Claims Processing for Health Choice, Department of Rehab Services (DRS) and the Department of Corrections (DOC) providers are being transitioned over to a new medical claims processor effective January 1, 2009.

If you are a medical provider and you are currently submitting electronic claims to your medical claims clearinghouse please be aware of the new payor ID 22521.

Payor ID# 59142 has been deleted as of December 23, 2008 which correlates to RelayHealth's medical claims clearinghouse CPID#'s:
CPID# 1751 Harrington Benefit Services of Oklahoma Professional CMS-1500 Claims CPID# 2554 Harrington Benefit Services of Oklahoma Institutional UB-04 claims

If you use RelayHealth as your medical claims clearinghouse has not identified the new CPID# that they will use to accept electronic medical claims. They are asking that medical providers hold their medical health insurance claims until the new payor ID is created.

Another reminder is that Health Choice providers will need to send their medical practice location in loop 2010AA REF01 with the LU qualifier. The practice location code is a 6 digit code which is assigned by the HealthChoice Provider Relations Division and they can be called at 800-543-6044.

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