Saturday, November 29, 2008

Seeing your Medical Office through the eyes of your patients

After a few years of running a medical business doctors find themselves in a rut. I suggest taking a few minutes out on a slow day to look at your business from a new perspective. Take a pad of paper and pen and begin by starting from the parking lot.

Take in a few breathes, close your eyes and when you open your eyes look at things like a new patient might see them. Study your surroundings, scrutinize what you see and see how patients might feel when they see the same things.

Starting from the parking lot does your building have any curve appeal?
- repaint the building
- add flowers or trees
- add art
- new doors
- well lit outside if you work in the evenings

Walking into the building
- how does it smell
- does the place need new tile, paint, carpet cleaning

- Is it clean
- Is it functional

Opening Doors to your office
- What does it smell like
- What does it look like
- What does the front office desks look like
- Is their enough seating room

Front Office
- Do girls eat lunch at desks
- How do they answer the phones
- Is everyone well groomed
- Is everyone smiling to greet the patient
- Do they call the patient by their first name
- Are they pleasant when collecting the co-payment and outstanding balances

Walking down the hall to doctors office
- How are the carpets or tile
- Is everything dusty
- Is everything sanitized
- Are their scuffs on the walls (does it need to be repainted?)

Doctor Bedside Manners
- Is the doctor exercising and keeping fit
- Breathe check
- Clothing attire (over-dressed, under-dressed or just right?)
- Hand shake
- Eye Contact
- Understanding when to nod the head and when not to
- Listening skills

Doctors Office
- Office Equipment well maintained, no rips, no holes, no stains
- Chairs for patent's family
- Reading Materials
- Any smells

Taking this small 30 minute test every few years will help you identify if the building is looking drab, if the office is getting lazy in it's neatness and if their are areas that can be improved on. Fix the issues that you can now and make a list of things that you want to change over the next few months. I have learned that it's the simple things that can have the biggest impact on retaining patients for the next 50 years.

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