Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kansas, Nebraska and Western Missouri Medicare Updates

RelayHealth was updated with new information regarding Wisconsin Physicians Service (WPS) about processing change to the Part B processing system for Kansas Medicare, Nebraska Medicare, and Western Missouri Medicare. The WPS change will allow for consistent processing for the Jurisdiction 5 Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) and automate many of the current manual processes allowing for more accurate and timely payment. These new changes will benefit providers and medical offices.

The change will affect claims processed November 1, 2008 and after.

The payors affected are listed below:
CPID# Insurance Carrier Name
2463 Kansas Medicare
1451 Nebraska Medicare
4451 Western Missouri Medicare

RelayHealth has identified the following items for you to be aware of with this change:
WPS Medicare Part B will have a system dark day on October 31, 2008
No customer service activity. The Provider Call Center representatives will not have system access.

* Interactive Voice Response (IVR) access will be available for registered C-Snap users.
* RelayHealth will send claims to WPS on October 31, 2008; however, claim processing will not begin until Monday November 3, 2008.
* WPS will output reports on Tuesday November 4, 2008. RelayHealth will output reports when they are received from WPS.

Please review your reports and expect an initial delay in processing of claims.

To read more about Medicare updates including Billing Health Insurance Information check out Medicare Medical Coding and Billing Courses

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