Monday, September 8, 2008

Terminated Insurance Carriers from RelayHealth

As of August 29th 2008 CPID#4421 and 4432 are no longer eligible to submit claims electronically through RelayHealth.

CPID#4421 Managed Care America
CPID# 4432 Sheet Metal Workers

If you would like to submit your claims electronically to RelayHealth and have them drop the claims to paper (at a fee) you can use CPID# 4300.

As of September 3rd 2008 Healthways Wholehealth Network CPID#4740 has been added to submit claims to electronically through RelayHealth using the Professional format or CMS-1500. No EDI Agreements are required.

As of September 4th 2008 a new carrier was added to RelayHealth's website CPID# 5904 SunHealth Medisun (TMG Health) Institutional 4010A1 ANSI format for UB-04 claims. No EDI Agreements are required.

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