Friday, September 12, 2008

Medicare DME MAC new claim edit

For those clients that bill through RelayHealth and use the following CPID#'s please be aware of a new edit:

CPID# 7475 Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction A
CPID# 7476 Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction B
CPID# 7477 Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction C
CPID# 7478 Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction D

National Government Services (NGS) is currently sending a Warning Message B108 Billing Provider Not Authorized for Submitter. On October 1st 2008 RelayHealth will update this edit at which time we will post it here. Currently though if you are getting this edit please review how to fix the issue:

Edit: B108 Billing Provider not Authorized for Submitter
Fix: A EDI Agreement is required between the medical office, RelayHealth and Medicare DME. Please follow the correct steps to complete the EDI agreement. Hold all claims until the EDI Agreements are processed once approval has been received from RelayHealth re-submit all unpaid Medicare DME claims.
Complete EDI AG: visit and click the Payor tab and Payor Agreements.

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