Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2 Insurance Carriers dropping Claim Status reports through Clearinghouse

If you are currently billing claims through RelayHealth and submit to Principal Financial Group and Nippon Life Insurance Company of America you may notice changes in your current EDI reports.

In June of 2008 RelayHealth had identified that the 277U reports were being sent with missing or incorrect patient information appearing on the reports. They notified the insurance carriers who had been working to correct the issue. At this time the decision is too stop receiving the 277U report.

Insurance Carriers: CPID#6420 & 4528 Principal Financial Group, CPID# 6443 & 6539 Nippon Life Insurance Company of America
Report being Dropped: 277U
277U represents what EDI Report? Claim Status of claims submitted electronically through a report
How do we now check claim status?

  1. Visit principal.com and click on Provider Services on the Quick Link tab
  2. Visit principal.com/partners/providers/providersservices.htm
  3. Call the insurance carriers directly using the phone number on the back on the insurance card

If at any point this information gets updated I will notify you on this blog:

If your practice management does not receive 277U reports (claim status) contact them immediately and ask them for this service. It will save your office time and money from having to research all of the outstanding claims when it can be completed through reports like this.

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