Friday, August 8, 2008

Northern and Sourthern California changing to PalmettoGBA on September 2 2008

As of August 27th 2008 RelayHealth will no longer be submitting claims for CPID#1436 & 1444 to intermediary NHIC. They will hold the claims until September 2nd 2008 and at that time transmit the electronic claims to PalmettoGBA. If your office has not completed a EDI Agreement to transmit claims electronically to PalmettoGBA your claims will be excluded.

All EDI agreements getting completed at this time with PalmettoGBA will have a open status for September 2nd 2008 so you will not have any claim transmission issues submitting to NHIC at this time.

If your office transmits claims to Northern and Southern California CPID#1436 & 1444 do not walk, run to RelayHealth's website and complete these EDI agreement forms immediately. Failure to do so could cause claim rejections.

Update: 9/19/08 - Northern & Southern California Medicare through Palmetto GBA has had issues in the delivery of ERA's for check dates 9/2/08 to current. They have identified the issue and are currently working to resolve this. Soon your ERA's should be fine - this is normal for updates with software.

Update: September 24th 2008 -
Northern California and Southern California Medicare are having issues processing re-enrollments of EDI Agreements and are UNABLE to identify which agreements have even been received. I want to point out to everyone I had initially wrote on August 8th to RUN and complete EDI agreements to prevent this issue from happening. Hopefully my clients are not one of those pending for EDI Agreements with these carriers!

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