Monday, July 21, 2008

Louisiana Medicaid NPI registration updates

As of Friday July 18th 2008 Louisiana Medicaid will no longer accept claims containing a legacy Medicaid ID number with a reference 1D qualifier. Insurance carriers that this will affect are:

CPID 1475 Louisiana Medicaid
CPID 2236 Louisiana Medicaid - Ambulance
CPID 4249 Louisiana Medicaid KidMed
CPID 3578 Louisiana Medicaid

On a good note Medicaid of Louisiana will no longer reject an entire claim file when a single NPI is invalid. They will begin rejecting at a provider/claim level.

If the provider has a NPI tie breaker on file at the payer claims submitted will require the approriate tie breaker information:
Loop 2000A PRV Taxonomy Code
Loop 2010AA Billing Provider 9 numeric zip code

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