Wednesday, June 18, 2008

National Government Services and Durable Medica Equipment

RelayHealth has been made aware that National Government Services, Inc. (NGS), has been awarded the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Common Electronic Data Interchange (CEDI) front end contract by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). With this contract, CEDI will provide a single front end solution for the submission and retrieval of electronic transactions.

RelayHealth will be converting the following CPIDs to the CEDI front end on April 30, 2008:

  • CPID 7475 Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction A
  • CPID 7476 Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction B
  • CPID 7477 Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction C
  • CPID 7478 Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction D

RelayHealth has identified the following items for you to be aware of with the CEDI front end conversion:

Payor agreements for electronic claims are required.
New providers do need to complete a new agreement.
Payor agreements for electronic remittance are required.

New providers do need to complete a new agreement.
The following payor reports will be available.
HDIG CLAIMS CONFIRMATION REPORT: this is a new report that will be received for all four payors.

The following reports will continue to be received with this front end conversion:
RelayHealth Standardized Payor reports for the above payors will be available as soon as possible after April 30, 2008.

The following payor report will no longer be available.
REDI-LINK CLAIM ACCEPTANCE RESPONSE currently being received for CPID 7477 Medicare DME MAC Jurisdiction C, will no longer be received with the new front end conversion.

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