Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Magellan Health Services offers direct connection with RelayHealth

RelayHealth has announced a new direct connection with Magellan Health Services to be used when processing electronic medical claims and remittance. These CPID#'s become effective as of June 17th 2008.

CPID 1419 - Magellan Health Services Professional (CMS-1500)
CPID 5539 - Magellan Health Services Institutional (UB04)

With this change are new rules:

  • No EDI Agreements are required to submit medical claims electronically to Magellan when using CPID# 1419 or 5539.
  • EDI Agreements are required for electronic remittance advice (Electronic Explanation of Benefits)
  • RelayHealth sends the 277U reports and standardized payor reports
  • RelayHealth is setting up two additional payor edits for Magellan including HU 0019 in Loop 2010AA, NM108 Must be equal to XX and HU 0022 in Loop 2310B (PROF)/2310C (INST), NM108 must be equal to XX
  • Professional: Payer Claim Office Number: In LOOP 2310BB N3-01 must be sent as PO Box, other format such as P O Box or P.O. Box will cause the claim to reject.
  • Institutional: Payer Claim Office Number: In LOOP 2310BC N3-01 must be sent as PO Box, other format such as P O Box or P.O. Box will cause the claim to reject.
These changes become effective on June 17, 2008

*Update 9/23/08: Prior to October 15th 2008 clients must comlete a new EDI Agreement for ERA's with RelayHealth's new direct connection to Magellan.

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