Friday, June 13, 2008

Billing NPI's may possibly require additional submitter numbers

RelayHealth would like to provide you with the following important information from Noridian Administrative Services EDISS Support regarding National Provider Identifier (NPI). Please read carefully and follow the specific instructions for your organizations.

Failure to update your Payor Assigned Submitter ID may cause payment delays.
EDI Support Services (EDISS) is issuing Submitter IDs (Payor Assigned Submitter IDs) in a one to one ratio with the Billing NPI, due to the transition from Medicare Provider Numbers to NPI in electronic claim submission. If you have one Billing NPI you will have one Submitter ID. If you have multiple Billing NPIs you will have multiple Submitter IDs. The way you enumerated determines the way Submitter IDs will be assigned. Refer to the following chart for examples:

For existing providers who have enumerated with multiple Billing NPIs for that one Medicare Billing Number: EDISS will fax you additional Submitter IDs for each billing NPI, if currently submitting claims with one Medicare Billing Number and one Submitter ID and have enumerated with multiple Billing NPIs for that one Medicare Billing Number.
The payors impacted are listed below:
CPID 1446 Nevada Medicare
CPID 1455 Alaska Medicare
CPID 1456 Arizona Medicare
CPID 1459 Oregon Medicare
CPID 1462 Washington Medicare
CPID 1469 Iowa Medicaid
CPID 1523 North Dakota Medicare
CPID 1527 Utah Medicare
CPID 2411 North Dakota Blue Shield
CPID 2453 North Dakota Medicare
CPID 2454 South Dakota Medicare
CPID 2458 Utah Medicare
CPID 2466 Wyoming Medicare
CPID 2467 Hawaii Medicare
CPID 2571 Iowa Medicaid
CPID 3521 Minnesota Medicare
CPID 3583 Wyoming Medicare
CPID 5515 Oregon Medicare
CPID 5521 Washington and Alaska Medicare
CPID 5546 Arizona Medicare
CPID 5581 Idaho Medicare
CPID 5589 South Dakota Medicare
CPID 7400 Montana Medicare
CPID 7489 Wyoming Blue Shield
Action Required: Providers must fax a copy of the Submitter IDs to RelayHealth at (916) 267-2963 to allow for set up in our system.

Submitter numbers are used to identify the client that is submitting the claims to the insurance carrier.

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