Friday, March 21, 2008

CPT Category 1 Codes by Section

Grouping of codes assist with finding the procedure code needed quickly. This is a to the point tutorial on the grouping of the CPT Category 1 Codes:

99201-99499 Evaluation and Management
00100-01999, 99100-99140 Anesthesiology
10021-69990 Surgery
70010-79999 Radiology
80048-89356 Pathology and Laboratory
90281-99602 Medicine

Now that you have a grouping of the codes let's take this one step further. When you open your CPT manual for 2008 most CPT books have color coordinated Tabs based on the Grouping of the Procedure Codes. In my 2008 CPT manual the grouping is in this format:

99201-99499 Evaluation and Management -
Tab Color RED
00100-01999, 99100-99140 Anesthesiology - Tab Color Blue
10021-69990 Surgery - Tab Color Green
70010-79999 Radiology -
Tab Color RED
80048-89356 Pathology and Laboratory - Tab Color Blue
90281-99602 Medicine - Tab Color Green

Memorizing the Tab colors and the grouping will help you quickly pull up the correct code/descriptions when coding or reviewing procedure codes for medical billing. I would recommend printing this information out and keeping it near your CPT book for review.

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