Monday, August 13, 2007

Ordering the Correct CMS 1500 version

I will just start by saying always bill Medicare electronically (even secondary claims) if at all possible and then you won't run into this issue:

Back in 2006 Medicare released the first version of CMS 1500 forms (12-90) and recently came out with a newer version of CMS 1500 forms (08-05). On January 1st CMS began accepting the new CMS 1500 forms (08-05) with a planned cut off date of the old forms scheduled for April 1st 2007. CMS then identified formatting issues with the new CMS 1500 forms (08-05) but decided that as of July 2nd 2007 they were still no longer going to accept CMS 1500 (12-90) forms.

Claims were being sent back as of July 2nd when received on this old CMS - 1500 format. However; Medicare has identified that since July 2nd the GPO Government Printing Office was not able to accept and fill orders (they actually create CMS 1500 08/05 forms for use) for the revised form so they recommend buying these CMS 1500 (08/05) forms from other vendors and not directly from Medicare's GPO. When doing a web-search they recommend searching for these key words: "CMS-1500 (08-05)" or "CMS-1500 08/05".

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