Saturday, March 10, 2007

Websites for Doctors

More and more patients are looking for doctors on the internet. Health insurance carriers like United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield & Humana list all credentialed/contracted providers on their website which gives doctors an option to post their web-sites.

This is very useful and usually results in more referrals to the office. It's wise for doctors to get a website and maintain it. My suggestions are to focus on a clean web-site with friendly pictures. Have the option for patients to download new patient registration forms to have filled out prior to arriving in the office.

Some software companies now have the option for patients to schedule their own visits and pay their co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance at any time over a secure internet web-site. Search for new features that may actually make your front office work-flow smoother.

The first step to getting a web-site is to identify a Web Hosting software with online web hosting services for hosting software. Next you will find a company that will create a web-site for you and hopefully maintain it. Once you have a web-site contact your insurance carriers you are credentialed with and identify if you can add your website to their directory.

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