Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sinus and Allergies

Are you tired of having sinus and allergy issues? It has been estimated that between 30 - 40 million individuals in the US suffer from chronic sinusitis. About 350,000 procedures are done in the US for Chronic Sinusitis.

Normally a patient has symptoms of difficulty breathing through the nose, tenderness in the face around the eyes and nose, and the worst is frequent headaches. Allergies are a common cause for this illness along with mold or fungi in the sinuses.

New patients to a Sinus facility are usually treated for the Evaluation and Management along with an endoscopy. The biller will bill the E/M code 99241-99245 along with the sinus endoscopy procedure codes like 31231 – 31294. When billing the endoscopy procedure codes are considered unilateral. Please remember to continue to include the 50 bilateral modifier if appropriate.

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